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Monday, June 27, 2016

Post 3.

All of us are alone, in the end. Alone doesn’t mean lonely. Being lonely is a feeling, a question of mindset. To embrace one’s being alone doesn’t cause loneliness. Not being ready to treasure one’s own company does.

Never being able to interact with others is a big problem. Not having the choice of being among others is a challenge.

If this is true, then it should be possible to influence feeling lonely.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Post 2.

I’m trying to adjust. Keep up with their development.
Trying to redefine my own self to connect.
I’m fascinated by the growth they show, the maturation they unveil.

The journey they are starting leads them to places I will never go. I can only hope to add useful and meaningful things to their knowledge, to enhance their competency. To encourage them to explore, be bold.

Amidst the daily hassle, I’m trying to stay in touch with them. To make way for their own steps forward.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Post 1.

Let me introduce myself.
It is 2016 now. I’ m fifty one years old, mother of two teenagers. A filmmaker for long years,  just finished my last film last year. Constrained to a wheelchair, fighting a disease that fights me everyday.

I’m trying to find a horizon, find the way to the future, trying to be positive. Which I am, against all odds. Writing this blog is a way for me to express this positive feeling, to reach out to others, hopefully. To cry out at times, if any positiveness is farfetched.

But this is not all. I am also a parent and a professional. Naturally, I prefer to think of myself as that.